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Miserable Beasts

DIEGO - The Enthusiastic Troublemaker

DIEGO - The Enthusiastic Troublemaker

DIEGO - The Enthusiastic Troublemaker:

Step into the world of Diego, a mischievous red demon with black horns and a wild shock of white hair. Though he may be pint-sized, his friendly demeanour and infectious enthusiasm make him an unforgettable character. Diego has a knack for finding himself in comical situations due to his clumsiness and a tendency to get easily distracted.

While Diego may not always excel at his assigned tasks, his heart is in the right place. He approaches life with a genuine eagerness to make others smile, even if his antics sometimes lead to unintended consequences. His excitable nature adds an element of unpredictable fun to every moment, as he bounces from one adventure to another.

Diego's mischievous spirit makes him the life of the party, and he has an uncanny ability to draw people in with his magnetic charm. Whether he's engaging in playful pranks or creating spontaneous bursts of laughter, Diego's presence is guaranteed to liven up any gathering.

Despite his occasional mishaps, Diego's enthusiasm and genuine kindness shine through, endearing him to those around him. He reminds us to embrace our quirks and imperfections, and to find joy in the journey, even if it's a little chaotic at times.

Allow Diego, the enthusiastic troublemaker, to bring his contagious energy and mischievous charm into your life. With him around, you're sure to embark on countless memorable adventures filled with laughter and a dash of delightful chaos.


Mohair, Polymer clay, Wood, Nylon thread.


Character height approx 26cm, Hanging height approx 77cm


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