Minor Inconvenience Troll #10

Minor Inconvenience Troll #10

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Do you notice small things going missing? Do you have tiny issues that seem to happen just at the wrong moment? Do you spend ages tidying your space only to find it’s a mess again within hours?

Trolls are invisible nuisances that cause issues like this for fun. These freshly caught trolls have been made permanently visible so that you can keep an eye on them.

Invite one of these Minor Inconvenience Trolls into your home today to banish any others that may have taken up residence*


*please note that while housing a visible troll will get rid of any other trolls, it may not stop these minor inconveniences but at least you’ll know who to blame! 


Turn your doll into a marionette by adding a Minor Inconvenience Manipulator.

Size: Approx. 30cm tall including horns.

Materials: Faux fur body, hand sculpted polymer clay features with a synthetic filling.

Care: This is a handmade art doll meant for display purposes. Not suitable for children. Sculpted parts are fragile so handle with care.

Please read  SHIPPING INFORMATION before purchasing.