Each marionette is hand-sculpted in polymer clay and hand-painted with acrylic paint.  All costumes and controllers are entirely made by hand in Glasgow, and every marionette is hand assembled.  Due to the hand-made nature of the marionettes, no two will ever be the same.

Miserable Beasts are sensitive souls and need to be treated with care.  They are collectors art toys, and are NOT intended for children.  If you want to share the joy of your beast with a child, please ensure they are properly supervised at all times and store the puppet out of reach when not in use.  Careful handling and proper storage will prevent fragile parts from breaking.  Rough handling may cause damage, so please be kind to your beast.  Hang them securely from the hooks provided on the controllers for displaying and be careful not to drop them.  Preventing tangled strings is solely the owner’s responsibility.

Art Dolls

Miserable Beast Art Dolls are all hand made, one of a kind pieces using polymer clay and textile.  These are art dolls and are intended for adult collectors and should not be given to children.  A more detailed description of specific dolls will be available on the product page. 

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