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Miserable Beasts

BARNETT - The Melancholy Misfit

BARNETT - The Melancholy Misfit

These dolls are all one of a kind, individually created characters.  No two trolls will ever be the same.

Trolls are invisible nuisances that cause you minor inconveniences for fun. These freshly caught trolls have been made permanently visible so that you can keep an eye on them.

BARNETT- The Melancholy Misfit

Barnett stands out among his troll brethren with his unique appearance. His fur is well-maintained, meticulously groomed, and always seems to have a certain fluffiness to it.  What truly catches the eye, however, is Barnett's melancholic blue skin. Despite contrasting beautifully with his cream-coloured fur, the blue pigment seems to reflect his emotions.

His striking red eyes hold a hint of vulnerability, always searching for acceptance and longing for connection. He often looks downcast, as if carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. His small, downturned mouth quivers with uncertainty, revealing his constant struggle to fit in with the other trolls.

Deep down, Barnett simply wants to find a place where he belongs and be embraced for who he is. He craves genuine connections and longs to be cherished, yet struggles to express himself fully.  Despite his difficulties, there is a quiet resilience within him, and when someone takes the time to look beyond his exterior, they might discover a tender-hearted troll who is capable of great empathy and loyalty.


Faux fur body, hand sculpted polymer clay features with a recycled synthetic filling and wire armature.


Approx. 26cm tall including horns.


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