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Miserable Beasts

TROY - The Party Troll

TROY - The Party Troll

These dolls are all one of a kind, individually created characters.  No two trolls will ever be the same.

Trolls are invisible nuisances that cause you minor inconveniences for fun. These freshly caught trolls have been made permanently visible so that you can keep an eye on them.

Troy - The Party Troll

Troy is the life and soul of every troll gathering, known far and wide as "The Party Troll." With his energetic and enthusiastic spirit, he brings a vibrant atmosphere wherever he goes. Towering above the crowd, his powerful, muscular frame is adorned with sleek black fur that glistens under the moonlight. He exudes an aura of confidence and charisma that instantly draws others to him.  Give Troy a space in your home and you're sure to never have a dull moment!


Faux fur body, hand sculpted polymer clay features with a recycled synthetic filling and wire armature.


Approx. 26cm tall including horns.


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