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Miserable Beasts

JACKSON - The Disaster Demon

JACKSON - The Disaster Demon

JACKSON - The Disaster Demon

Meet Jackson, the irritable demon who stubbornly battles against a never-ending string of failures. Despite Jackson's repertoire of dastardly schemes, he's never actually successfully pulled off an evil deed.

Jackson's frustration knows no bounds as he grapples with the never-ending disappointment of being unable to prove his badness, leaving him perpetually vexed and ready to unleash his fiery temperament upon the world. His existence is a testament to the maddening dance between determination and futility, where the line between achievement and disaster blurs into a haze of exasperation.


Acrylic/Wool blend fabric, Recycled polyester filling, Polymer clay, Wood, Nylon thread.


Character height approx 40cm, Hanging height approx 77cm


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