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Miserable Beasts

MARV - The Sloth

MARV - The Sloth

These dolls are all one of a kind, individually created characters.  No two trolls will ever be the same.

Trolls are invisible nuisances that cause you minor inconveniences for fun. These freshly caught trolls have been made permanently visible so that you can keep an eye on them.

Marv - The Sloth

Marv, the epitome of a laid-back lifestyle, is a troll like no other. His sleek black fur, though well-groomed, seems to have a perpetual ruffled look, as if he just rolled out of a cozy spot. Unlike many trolls, Marv is content to move at a leisurely pace, never in a hurry and always savouring each moment with a sense of peace and tranquility.  It's as if life itself has left an everlasting rosy blush on his cheeks, a testament to the coziness he cherishes.


Faux fur body, hand sculpted polymer clay features with a recycled synthetic filling and wire armature.


Approx. 26cm tall including horns.


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